4 responses to “Facebook: Marketing Pros and Cons

  • mediapenn

    One in four display ads can be found on Facebook. It has become a means of advertising for many companies and it makes it easy to target specific audiences.

    When I think of social media, I think of Facebook as being the social network/ media site. MySpace is losing connections and going more toward the music scene.

  • newspapertonewmedia

    I like the little tidbit about the Gap – I consider myself a brand loyal Gap customer, and I missed the new-and-already-gone logo. I guess this is why we pre-test!?

  • katiewootton

    I’ve heard a lot of people say that Gap released that logo intentionally to receive negative feedback just for the publicity. I have to wonder if that is true because you’d think if they were really going to unveil a new logo, they’d do more than just post it online.

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