Would a Smartphone Make Me Smarter?

That’s the question I asked myself this week. And looking around, everyone has an opinion about it—although most sources I found said it all depended on how a smartphone is used. Duh.

But then I thought about how much I depend on a calculator to do my math for me or my cell phone to remember phone numbers and I wondered . . . If I had a smartphone, would I stop retaining information because it was so easy to look things up? Does that make me dumber?

There’s also the problem of how much a smartphone can distract parents, for example, from what their kids are doing—which makes them look stupid, even if they’re not. And there’s an increasing problem with how technology is preventing kids from learning. I found this New York Times report on the conflict that often arises between teens learning from technology vs. being distracted by it:

VIDEO: Fast Times at Woodside High

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