I Can’t Twitter at Work!

So I went on and on about how I was a born again social media user and then I didn’t post for, what, two weeks? I’m a jerk. But I did move and start a new job and start another term of school, all in the last few days. And today’s my birthday!

That doesn’t explain why I didn’t post before all that happened, but oh well. Sigh. I did manage to Twitter and Facebook regularly-ish. And I finally worked on a colleague’s Web site (if you’re interested in publishing, check it out), although I still have things to do. (I’m planning to work more on it tomorrow, if you’re listening Angela.)

One interesting thing I found out is that my job doesn’t allow access to social media sites (I’ve only tried Twitter, Facebook, and HootSuite but they were all blocked so I assume it’s true for all social media). I guess I’ve heard vague whisperings of companies that didn’t allow their employees to … whatever you call it. Twittering is an acceptable word, even to me, but is Facebooking? Not sure. Anyway, I hadn’t even considered the possibility. So now I can’t post something during lunch—but I can blog. Mwa ha ha! I probably shouldn’t brag or they might take down my site …

And now after reading dozens of standard operating procedures (SOPs to those of you in the know), I’m really wishing I had developed a photographic memory. Is that possible? How do you practice that? I’m reading stuff, and it’s all important, but I don’t know if I’ll remember it. There’s just so much! Today I learned to do my first task as a technical writer, which was saving and printing labels. I hope to learn a bit about Change Requests tomorrow. Wish me luck!

And just for fun, here’s a link to author Robin McKinley’s blog that gives her explanation for the sudden, unexpected cliffhanger at the end of Pegasus, which I kind of still hold against her. I did enjoy reading about an experience she had when she was writing Hero and the Crown. Oh, and I got this really interesting blog article from another author about why illegally downloading books is BAD, not just for the publisher, but also for the author and for the INDUSTRY!

And now I need to think of a new blog title because this entry had absolutely nothing to do with Keeping Up With the Joneses. Hmmm. Maybe another day.

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